About Hymn:

Hymn is an old guild created during the Wrath of The Lich King era on the Bladefist server. While Hymn had mostly stopped during MoP and WoD we are back with a vengence in Legion. Our main goal during this expansion is simple: To be a premier raiding guild on the server while having a casual atmosphere. What draws people to our guild is our ability to progress through content with focus while having a great time doing it. Come experience this atmosphere on one of our main raid days (if space allows):

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 7 - 10 Server (8 - 11 EST).

Our guild is constantly striving to provide flasks, food, gems, enchants, and anything a raider needs to be successful, at the moment this is a difficult task due to AH inflation, we cater to the people who make this guild great. 

If interested in joining us, get a hold of one of these great people to talk more in detail about the guild.

Glaivegazm/Wowgazm (Guildmaster)



Inlerah (Officer)